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Carnelian - Origin and Benefits

Let's discover carnelian together, a stone of vitality and concentration.

Hardness: between 6.5 and 7

Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Root Chakra

Let's learn!

The origin of its name remains uncertain.

Some believe that its name comes from the Greek word "carneolus" meaning "appearance of the flesh"; for others, it refers to the fruit growing on dogwood trees: the dogwood. Fruit whose name is itself taken from the Latin word "corneolus" or "cornu mas" in reference to the hardness of the stone of the fruit or to the fruit itself.

Both words referring to the color red.

It was in the 16th century that the name "carnelian" was given to it.

In Ancient Egypt, carnelian was used by the goddess Isis to accompany the deceased during their passage through the afterlife.

Thus, it protected the pharaohs, and was often worn on sacred headdresses.

It is also found on frescoes and in medicine.

Thus, to be able to take advantage of all its virtues, it had to have a very lively and intense color, without irregularity.

In the Middle Ages, many civilizations discovered and used carnelian.

Tibetans and Buddhists used it as a stone of protection and recovery.

In China, its heat resistance makes it possible to create a powerful color by mixing it with copper oxide. It was then used for enameling fine porcelain.

In the East, it was used for its astringent and tonic properties.

In the West, it is used to comfort women and make them pleasant and loved.

On the battlefield, it gives courage and determination to warriors. Reminiscent of blood, it is used in case of haemorrhage since it would stop haemorrhages of any kind.

The Hebrews thought it protected from the plague.

The Romans used gold or silver leaf to embellish duller carnelians, a technique still used today.

During the Renaissance, artists engraved it.

In Arabic legend, it can stop bleeding, so warriors wore it on the field of honor giving them more courage.

It is, today, less used in art and creation, but more for its physical and psychological virtues.

What is it?

A semi-transparent stone, it forms in cavities of volcanic rock at low temperatures.

It usually takes a round shape with multiple microcrystals.

It is part of the group of tectosilicates, which belongs to the family of silicates and agates.

It is mainly composed of aluminum oxide and silica.

Often confused with sard, although the latter is less translucent and has a browner color than carnelian.

The intensity of its color may vary depending on its iron oxide concentration: it may be vermilion, orange, or yellowish.

A heat treatment exists to embellish these stones: the vermilion color will then be reinforced by heating or exposing it to the sun.

! This is a method that is also used on agates, making them look like carnelians. Genuine carnelians with a naturally bright color are increasingly rare.

Having no deposits in Europe, it can be found in India, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, the United States, Mali, Madagascar, Indonesia, Yemen, Egypt, Mozambique, Russia, in Saudi Arabia, Australia, and Romania.


Symbolizing blood, it is a stone of vitality.

A stone of serenity and happiness, it will help bring back enthusiasm, and happiness to its wearer.

It will help to open and balance the sacral chakra to feel the wholeness of the world and promote a calm and harmonious exchange with others.

It will also bring balance to the solar plexus chakra and achieve its goals.

Worn on oneself, it will strengthen self-confidence.

When placed in a room, it will rekindle passion and intensify love.

At work, it will improve productivity by stopping indecision and procrastination.


It produces vibrations that would help suppress negative emotions such as anger or jealousy (however, we agree, if you find yourself in a negative place with your emotions, talking about it and promoting communication remains the number one solution !) by acting on the solar plexus.

Considered a lucky charm, it will protect the wearer, its home and itsfamily. Promoting a soft and friendly atmosphere in the home.

It boosts courage when needed, and helps perfect concentration while stimulating creativity. It would then strengthen memory and boost speech.

It would then be one of the stones of the singers because it would clear up the voice.

It would also help to adapt to situations in a calm and positive way.

Thus, it would fight against apathetic and depressive states, and remove the fear of death.


Having healing properties, this stone can be used to reduce muscle pain, reduce pain related to rheumatism, arthritis or even sciatica.

Likewise, it fights against toxins in the body. It will thus assist the kidneys, the liver, and the gallbladder to drain and filter.

Fluidifying blood flow, it can also be used during menstruation or to soothe stomach cramps and spasms*.

Thus, it will facilitate digestion and intestinal transit.

Promoting sexual fulfillment, it would improve fertility.

It can also be used for its benefits on the skin, voice, and eyes.

Purification and Recharging

To purify your stone, it is advisable to soak it in running water for a few minutes WITHOUT contact with salt, as this would damage the stone. Then wipe it with a soft cloth.

Fumigation and burial are also possibilities.

To recharge it, you can leave it for a few hours in the light of the sun or place it on quartz or on an amethyst geode.

The rays of the moon are also a possibility, although weaker than those of the sun.


Being an energizing stone, it can be associated with amber, which is also. Thus, your energy and your determination to move forward will be increased tenfold.

In this logic, you can also associate it with garnet, red jasper, sunstone, or calcite.

Centered on the solar plexus chakra, it can be associated with citrine and topaz.

Since rock crystal is an amplifier of all other stones, it can therefore be associated with carnelian.

! Do not associate it with soothing stones such as aquamarine, amazonite, or moonstone.


*Disclaimer : always research further. / If you are sick or have a medical condition, see a health specialist and don't just rely on the stones.


Written by and for SparkStudio in 2023.


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