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Chalcedony - Origin and Benefits

Let's discover together the chalcedony, soothing stone, and symbol of serenity.

Hardness : between 6.5 and 7

Chakras : throat chakra, 3rd eye chakra.

Let's Learn!

This stone was discovered in 4000 BC in Turkey, and owes its name to the ancient port of the city of Kalkêdôn/Khalkedon (Chalcedon) where there were many deposits.

Another theory is that it got its name from the Greek Karchedon meaning Carthage.

It was used by the Babylonians and Assyrians for the design of primary tools or to create cylinder seals as document protectors, traditions perpetuated in the Bronze Age by the Minoans.

The Romans wore it to improve their eloquence. But also to make offerings.

The Egyptians also made objects with this stone.

The Celts dedicated it to Clota, goddess of the River Clyde.

In ancient Greek mythology, she was linked to Gaia, goddess of mother earth.

Being part of the Holy Scriptures, it is cited in the Bible as the third foundation of the Wall of Jerusalem; in the Torah as one of the stones used as an ornament on the pectoral of judgment; And according to some Muslims, the Prophet Muhammad recommended to wear agate (same family as chalcedony) to attract wealth.

In the Middle Ages, Hildegarde de Bingen recommended it for its calming virtues against susceptibility, nervousness and angry trends.

"If a person carries a chalcedony on them, they must do so that the stone is in contact with the skin, if possible on a vein."


Belonging to the microcrystalline quartz group and made up of silicon dioxide (SIO2), it is mainly extracted in Brazil, India, Madagascar and Uruguay.

It is often found in rocks of eruptive origin such as basalts, rhyolites, as well as in oxidation areas of minerals.

It is formed from silicic acid at a temperature below 100 ° C.

Its color goes from blue to pale purple.

It is very often used in jewelry for its sweet pastel color.

The subcategories of Chalcedony are, among other things, agate, onyx, red cornear, brunette sardoine, green chrysoprase, and red jasper.


It is known in lithotherapy as the orator's stone.


Very positive, it brings calm and sweetness. It will reduce sadness, crying and sorrows.

It therefore avoids excessive outbursts while strengthening diplomacy. Emphasis on tolerance, empathy, happiness, and even love.

Promoting the expression, it will help the most timid, and, it seems, the singers.

It will then push communication and dialogue on the front of the stage, therefore allowing a better understanding and concentration in its wearer.


It stabilizes yin and yang.


Calcédonia makes it possible to calm the pain in the larynx.

It blurred the hoarseness and will reduce stuttering. She will also calm the cough and heal the throat infections.

Allowing the relaxation of vocal cords by lightening the tensions of the throat, it is the friend of the singers.

If fracture there is, it would help better healing, solidify the bones, and improve nail calcification.

Beneficial to the cardiovascular system, in the event of problems with the arteries, it would be beneficial to their hardening while reducing the problems linked to the circulation of blood. It would also help fight water retention.

In addition, it would stimulate lactation.

Finally, it will calm the irritation of the eyes and the expansion of the blood vessels of the iris.

Purification and recharging it

It is advisable to purify it by immersing it in distilled water or in limestone water for several hours.

To recharge it, it will be by placing it on a quartz cluster or under the sweet rays of the sun that will be advised.

Once again, do your own research to cross the information you find and see what you prefer and/or what you can do best.


To act more fully on the throat chakra, it can be associated with Amazonite, Lapis-Lazuli, and Turquoise.

To increase its benefits on the third eye chakra, it can be associated with azurite, labradorite, and hawk eye.


Disclaimer : Always deepen your research. / If you are sick or have a medical condition, go see a health specialist and do not only base yourself on the stones.


Written by and for SparkStudio in 2022.


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