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Lepidolite - origin and benefits

Let's discover lepidolite together, a stone of well-being.

Hardness: between 2 and 3

Chakra: 3rd eye chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, crown chakra

Let's learn!

Lepidolite takes its name from the Greek "lepidion" meaning "small scale". Indeed, its iridescent facets can easily make you think of scales.

The mineralogist Martin Heinrich Klaproth then baptized it thus in 1795. Until then, it was called "lilalite" for its color.

However, she is not linked to any legend or myth.

Some specialists call it "muca lithium" for its belonging to the group of micas and for its lithium content.

What is it?

It is a mineral belonging to the group of silicates and the subgroup of phyllosilicates.

It is rich in chemical elements such as lithium, cesium or rubidium.

When it is in its raw state, it has a crumbly appearance with many facets reminiscent of scales.

It therefore remains quite fragile.

It is highly prized by manufacturers for its lithium content, which uses it for devices powered by rechargeable batteries such as telephones or laptop computers.

It is also used in jewelry designs for its therapeutic properties.

Its main deposits are in Brazil, Madagascar and Peru.

But you can also find it in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, India, the USA, Bolivia or France.


Capable of neutralizing electromagnetic waves.

It symbolizes calm and protection.

It will open the heart and throat chakra, and stimulate the 3rd eye chakra.

You can use it in meditation to prevent destructive behavior, or to promote the changes needed to move forward.

It is used in psychiatry to treat bipolar disorders or schizophrenia.

Finally, if placed in a strategic place in your home, it will create a positive and healthy atmosphere.

It will thus be able to create a feeling of calm in your home, which can be very appreciable if you live in town for example.

At the office and/or at work, she will give better confidence while attracting the support of her colleagues.


It is a stone of inner peace. It will therefore help to reduce the feeling of sadness while boosting self-confidence.

It will stimulate the wearer's cognitive abilities.

In addition, it would help to concentrate well. You can then improve your autonomy and self-discipline.

It would then increase everyone's capacity for discernment.

Reducing stress and anxiety, it is an excellent stone to soothe psychic disorders.

Giving better self-confidence, it will fight against procrastination and help achieve a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment for its wearer.

This stone will also help with phobias and anxiety. In addition, it will help fight against negative thoughts, sadness, resentment, mood swings, or even anxiety.

It is also a stone helping to develop spirituality.

Stone so soothing, it will promote better falling asleep and better sleep.

Spiritually speaking, it helps to take more perspective on the world and the events of life.


This stone would reduce inflammation, thus relieving inflammatory pain, while boosting the immune system.

It will cleanse and purify the connective tissues and will then participate in maintaining the body in good health.

It will also stimulate the immune system by having a role of detoxification.

It would also reduce acidity.

In addition, it will relieve joint, muscle and nerve pain because it is also anti-inflammatory.

It would also help fight addiction.

Purification and Recharging

You can put the stone under a trickle of clear water. Fumigation is also a possibility. It is also possible to put it in a wave in the shape of a scallop shell to cleanse and purify it.

To recharge it, all you have to do is place it under the rays of the moon overnight.

Putting it on a flower of life, exposing it to the soft rays of the sun or burying it also work.

Finally, you can place it on a pile of quarts or in a quartz geode.


If you want to increase the action of lepidolite on the 3rd eye chakra, you can combine it with lapis lazuli, sodalite, howlite or azurite.

To work on the heart chakra, it can be combined with amazonite, chrysocolla, jade, or garnet.

It is found in nature with rock crystal, amethyst, pyrite or fluorite, so it can be associated with them.


Disclaimer : always research further. / If you are sick or have a medical condition, see a health specialist and don't just rely on the stones.


Written by and for SparkStudio in 2023.


Sources : / / / "La bible des cristaux" Lisa Butterworth, 2022, Hachette Livre, Marabout.

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