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Onyx - Origin and benefits

Let's discover together the Onyx, stone of strength!

Hardness : between 6,5 and 7

Chakra : Root Chakra

Let's Learn!

If we refer to Greek mythology, this stone would take its name from Aphrodite and her son Cupid. One afternoon when his mother was sleeping by a river, he cut and stole her fingernails. Belonging to the goddess, these could not be corrupted. So he went to Olympus. However, the deities of destiny, the Moires, took them from him and transformed them into fine stones, Onyx.

Roman legend, for its part, tells of a somewhat different origin: Cupid used one of his arrows to cut the nails of his mother, the goddess Venus. Since these nails couldn't disappear, they turned into onyx when they hit the ground.

The term itself comes from the Greek "onyx", meaning "nail" or "claw". This surely refers to the flesh-colored onyx resembling a fingernail, or the curved white patterns reminiscent of the shape of a fingernail.

During Antiquity, all kinds of chalcedony were called Onyx because they had a light color approaching that of a fingernail.

Bowls carved in onyx dating from the 2nd dynasty were found in Egypt by researchers.

The Romans used it a lot to make seals to close their mail since this stone does not stick to wax.

They also used it to create decorative objects, jewelry or for sculptures, without giving it any specific virtue.

Onyx is also found to be one of the stones constituting Aaron's breastplate as well as one of the gates of the Celestial Jerusalem.

In Europe, in the Middle Ages, its color earned it a bad reputation because black represented death, discord and darkness. The onyx then brought bad luck.

Similarly, in China, it carried the evil eye and was only used for export. Exploited by slaves in the mines because no one wanted to touch it, it was intended for export and given to the "unconscious" far from the country.

However, in India, its color protected against the evil eye and even went so far as to be considered as an aid to reduce pain during childbirth.

In the Middle East, it is called "El Jaza", meaning "sadness", in reference to its deep black.

At the time of the Persians, its protective potential was growing. Indeed, the Persians considered that it protected from the evil eye and relieved pain related to contractions during childbirth by placing it on the belly of the woman. It also had to reduce sexual urges.

At the end of the 19th century, it then returned to fashion, black being reserved for mourning outfits in England under the reign of Queen Victoria, the population then began to use jewelry to bring touches of black to their outfits. .

Finally, the Cabinet des Médailles in Paris preserves two of the most famous onyx works, which are believed to date from the 1st century AD (for more information, (see the france-mineraux article on onyx).

We talk about onyx weddings when we celebrate 89 years of marriage.

But WHAT is it ?

From the same family as chalcedony, onyx is made of silicon and belongs to the group of quartzites.

It consists of black and/or white bands, although it is found in all colors except blue and purple. Silica deposits will then form during the flow of siliceous water in the cracks, at a temperature below 200°C.

It is a kind of agate whose bands are then concentric and circular.

It can be:

- Nicolo: dark blue layers and light colors.

- Eyed Onyx: bands in the form of circles of coloring around a dark round spot reminiscent of an eye.

- Onyx with fortifications: polygonal layers.

- Sardonyx: brown, rust or red bands.

It can be modified by humans. Some treatments make it redder, yellower or blacker.

Its main deposits are in Mexico, Brazil, Italy, the United States, Argentina, Uruguay, Iran, Madagascar, Switzerland, Russia and India.


All star signs can benefit from this stone, however it will particularly resonate with Capricorns, Leos, and Sagittarians.

A stone of motivation and support, onyx will help you get through the trials that will come your way while finding solutions and alternatives to them.

It is found to be beneficial during meditation to find the information sought, and will purify karmic energies. Thus, you can use it when working on past lives, or simply to ground yourself to the Earth and balance the physical body and the spirit.

In India, it protects against evil spirits.

Linked to the root chakra, it will help to better anchor and better receive the energies of the Earth. It will then make it possible to regulate the primary needs related to survival. It will therefore help to refocus on the bare essentials.

Linked to the sacral chakra, it will strengthen your fighting spirit and your strength.

Linked to the heart chakra, it will strengthen love, sincerity, tenderness, compassion and forgiveness. It will also help to open up to others to give and receive love. Thus, it will participate in overcoming your fears, as well as in the development of a sincere love.

However, some advise against it for pregnant women because it could intensify feelings of sadness.


Stone of protection, it will act as a shield against negative energies and thoughts.

It will then reduce stress and anxiety on a daily basis to replace them with self-confidence and positive thoughts.

Facilitating clearer and calmer speech, it will then boost self-esteem and self-confidence. Thus allowing to better open up to others while maintaining benevolence and sincerity.

It will therefore help to focus on the present moment by allaying worries. As a result, your self-control and your sense of responsibility will be increased tenfold.

In addition, it will bring more stability.


It would strengthen the immune defenses. Fighting against allergies and addictions*.

It would reduce ear problems, including tinnitus; would protect the teeth, the vocal cords and the organs around the mouth*.

It would then facilitate speech and communication*.

It would also help the kidneys and the liver while strengthening the bone marrow and the functions of the body*. It would eliminate toxins accumulated in the body more quickly*.

Improving the skin, eyes, hair and legs, firming the heart, spleen, kidneys and nerves, and soothing the feet, it accompanies very well during healings*.

It would improve blood circulation and cholesterol and triglyceride levels*.

Purification and recharging

It is strongly advised to purify and discharge it once a month with water, salt, earth or incense. The simplest remains the fumigation with palo santo, the flower of life, or letting it soak in salted distilled water for a few hours.

Be careful to avoid tap water which could damage the stone.

For recharging, you can leave it for a few hours in the sun's rays. A plus would be to put it on a cluster of quartz or on an amethyst geode.


A fairly neutral stone, it can be associated with carnelian, amethyst, and moonstone.

To work on the root chakra, it can be associated with jasper, bronzite, hematite, lava stone, pyrite, bull's eye, carnelian, or even garnet.

To amplify its protective power, it can be associated with obsidian (be careful though, this is a very strong stone which is not necessarily recommended for people without much experience), or with tourmaline black.

Be careful that this remains very anecdotal so that they do not absorb the energy of other stones and make them negative.

BE CAREFUL NOT TO ASSOCIATE IT with: turquoise, malachite, peridot and tiger's eye. These stones being very energizing, they would take precedence over the energy of the onyx.


*Disclaimer : always research further on your side. / If you are sick or have a medical condition, see a health specialist and don't just rely on the stones.


Written by and for SparkStudio in 2023.


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