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Quartz - Origin and Benefits

Let's discover together quartz, the master of crystals!

Hardness: 7

Chakra: all (can reopen and energize them)

Let's learn!

We are not really sure of the origin of its name...It starts well!

It could come from "quatez" or "quaderz", names which designated poor quality ores until the end of the 16th century. Great!

It could also come from "gewarz", German variation meaning excrescence and germ... Really it makes you want all that!...

Supposedly, its oldest name would be kristallos, a term mentioned around -325/-300 by the ancient Greek philosopher Theophrase. It is this term that eventually gave rise to the word crystal, which means "ice". It was therefore thought at the time that it was solidified ice.

The Greeks dedicated it to the mother goddess, Gaia.

In the Middle Ages and until Georgius Agricola gave it the name rock crystal, all crystals were called quartz.

Nice to distinguish them during a conversation you will tell me.

However, quartz has several names, it would not be funny otherwise!

It can therefore be found under the names alpha-quartz, azetulite, azeztulite, conite, dragonite, konilite, and lodolite. Transparent quartz is often called rock crystal.

Because yes, and we will come back to this later, there are several colors of quartz.

Looking into its history and its origin is quite complicated because, as we will see below, there are a lot of stones that are found in the quartz family. You can then find more details in the articles specific to the stones in question in my blog articles released or to come!

Do not hesitate to advise me of the stones on which to make articles! With pleasure.

All I can say is that quartz appeared in prehistoric times and was used by a huge portion of ancient civilizations around the world as an amulet. One can quote in example the Egyptians, the Phoenicians, the Celts, or the shamans of India.

It was also used by the first men, in the same way as flint, to make fire thanks to the spark it produces when hitting a ferrous material.

It was, as you surely know, used for the manufacture of crystal balls in order to make it an instrument of divination at least since the Middle Ages.

Judy Hall indicates in her "Bible of Crystals", that in the 8th century BC. the Greek priest Onomacritus claimed that if we entered a temple with a rock crystal, our prayers would be answered since the gods could not resist its power.

At that time, quartz elixirs were already being made for their healing properties.

Pliny the Elder also says that doctors cauterized wounds with a crystal ball placed on the skin and exposed to the sun to amplify the sun's rays and generate the necessary heat.

The Mayans and Aztecs used it to carve human skulls out of quartz, but also as a dowsing rod to find water points.

In the 1st century of our era, Appolonius of Tyr, a Christian mystic, would even have had in his possession a crystal ball capable of making him invisible at will and would have demonstrated it to Julius Caesar.

The Iroquois Indians dedicated it to the cult of Gendenwitha, goddess of the morning star.

The Cherokee Indians thought it could help with hunting and divination.

The Japanese call it "tama" (= perfect jewel) and it symbolizes purity and infinity. It was then considered the frozen breath of the white dragon, a symbol of perfection.

Australian Aborigines, for their part, linked it to rain-related rituals.

The legendary cities of Atlantis or Lemuria would have based their technology on quartz and its reflection of light.

What is it?

It is a group of silicates. It is found in the form of crystals of different sizes, and can be colorless, colored, or even smoked.

It is the second most abundant mineral in the earth's crust.

"Quartz" is a generic name for a whole family of stones present on almost every continent and in almost every color imaginable.

It is a mineral used in the manufacture of watches, electrical appliances and batteries for its properties of separation of electrical charges and its "vibrational behavior".

Jöns Jakob Berzelius, a Swedish chemist, discovered the chemical composition of quartz in 1823.

However, it is sometimes synthesized by the electronics industry in order to be used for the manufacture of many key components of electronic devices (smartphones, computers, televisions, cameras...) for its piezoelectric capacity. Synthetic quartz is then made by recrystallizing its natural base in order to have fewer impurities.

Either way, he keeps his awesome powers.

It is a mineral that generally includes six primary metaphysical properties: structure, store, amplify, concentrate, transmit, and transform energy (thought, emotion, information).

Types of Quartz

Quartz encompasses a very large family of varied stones, stones that each have their specific properties.

We can speak of macro-crystalline quartz, which includes: rock crystal, amethyst, ametrine, aventurine, blue quartz, citrine, milk or snow quartz (quartzite), pink quartz, prase quartz, prasiolite, smoky quartz, tiger's eye , and hawk's eye for example.

Then we can talk about fibrous quartz such as: agate, carnelian, chalcedony, chrysoprase, onyx, sard, chert, flint, jasper, or even heliotrope.

It can have many colors: transparent, black, yellow, green, pink, milky white with aggregates of transparent crystals (when pure)...

When well crystallized, it is usually a six-sided prism with steep pyramid shaped terminations.

Virtues and Benefits

Master of crystals, this is the most powerful healer as it contains the entire spectrum of light and allows you to work on all aspects.

It also allows to boost the properties of other stones because it is an amplifier.

It is a mineral that represents the elevation of the soul, very interesting for meditation and spiritual elevation.

It also represents the animality of the inner self.

Finally, it unites the solid matter and the immaterial.


It cleans and purifies the soul and the body.

It replaces the negative with the positive and increases clarity of thought while restoring energy, patience and motivation.

It will therefore bring comfort but also vitality by unblocking and channeling energies.

It is a symbol of purity, especially spiritual purity. It is therefore an excellent tool for meditation and concentration.

It will help with expression and elocution while eliminating stress.

It will also make you more sensitive to the social and natural environment.

It can also be put in a place of life or work to capture disturbing energies and thus promote calm and harmony.


In general, it strengthens the body.

It would stimulate the immune and circulatory system, and strengthen the heart.

It is, in fact, used against headaches, dizziness, and motion sickness.

It would help fight against ear infections, and would help against skin disorders.

It would protect the backbone.

It would bring strength, clarity, concentration and memory elasticity thanks to its action on their brain.

It would be a diabetes and multiple sclerosis balancer.

As an elixir, it is said to help eliminate toxins from the body and treat digestive disorders, kidney and bladder disorders.

It would also relieve migraines, vertigo and dizziness.

Aiding in deep sleep, it would thus help in the internalization of the messages and lessons treated while dreaming.

It would help smokers quit smoking and curb the urge to smoke.

It would also help to fight against exhaustion, chronic fatigue, and help with weight loss.

It would lighten painful areas, especially in case of burns and blisters.

In addition, it can recharge other stones.

Purification and Recharging

Unloaded under running water, purified with very lightly salted water or by fumigation, for a few hours it is recharged with the rays of the sun.

It is important to purify it and recharge it quite often because it absorbs negative energies, especially if it is small.


When associated with Tiger's Eye, it will form a shield that will protect against theft and aggression.

It can be associated with stones with inclusions of black tourmaline to stabilize the energy of the latter and help people prone to dizziness.

Combined with yellow amber, they are excellent for fighting back pain and pain in general.

It can be combined with red jasper and magnesite in elixir for intestinal and digestive problems.


Disclaimer :always research further. / If you are sick or have a medical condition, see a health specialist and don't just rely on the stones.


Written by and for SparkStudio in 2023.


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