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Red Jasper - Origin and Benefits

The most famous variety of the jasper family, let's discover together the red jasper, protective stone.

Hardness: between 6.5 and 7

Chakra: Root Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

Let's learn!

Jasper takes its name from the Greek "iaspis" (from the Hebrew "yashepheh") also known by the Latin term "jaspidem" and means "speckled stone".

Jasper was known in history as a stone of endurance and vivacity.

It was a talisman for warriors; a promoter of justice, protection and life.

During prehistory, it was used in the manufacture of hunting tools. Archaeological excavations have uncovered many traces of uses of this mineral during the Paleolithic period in France, particularly in Brittany.

For the Egyptians, it symbolized eternal life. This stone was used extensively in the manufacture of beetle-shaped objects and pendants.

The Egyptians lent him the power to protect against the bites of poisonous animals.

She was also linked to fertilization and the goddess Isis.

It was used as talismans placed around the necks of the deceased to facilitate their journey to the world of the dead.

For the curious, the use of jasper is described in chapter 156 of the Book of the Dead.

For the Greeks, the stone had a very strong link with Gaia, mother goddess. They also used it as an offering to please the moon goddess, Callisto.

The Romans gave it as an offering to the fertility goddess Bona Dae to have many children.

For Christians, it comes from the blood of Christ that flowed during his crucifixion. Reason why it was called "stone of the martyrs" in the Middle Ages. Period during which this stone was used to engrave in the churches the scenes speaking of the episodes of the gospel.

It also appears in the Bible as the ornamental stone of Aaron's breastplate.

In the Nordic countries, legends tell the story of a warrior who would have slain a dragon with the legendary Siegfried sword whose hilt was encrusted with jasper. The dragon's blood would then have dyed the stone red, thus giving rise to bloodstone or dragon's blood jasper.

The American Indians used it as a talisman to protect themselves from the attacks of beasts at night. The stone symbolized the blood of Mother Earth and was also used as a bracelet because it had the power to attract rain during periods of drought.

Finally, in Asia, particularly in Japan, important personalities (priests and nobles as a sign of their high social rank) wore magatamas (pendants in the shape of a fang containing the soul of war heroes) made of jasper stone.

Some Chinese imperial seals were made of jasper and used as ornaments in palaces and royal residences, as well as for making mosaics and statues.

What is it ?

Stone belonging to the family of quartz and microcrystalline stone, it comes in a rich range of colors thanks to the presence of clay and iron oxides coloring these stones.

Sedimentary rock composed mainly of silica, it can sometimes be of volcanic origin.

It is a mineral that is found in abundance in nature.

There are therefore other types of jasper, such as:

- yellow jasper

- leopard jasper

- jasper landscape

- picasso jasper

- bloodstone

Properties and Virtues

In lithotherapy, it is a stone of balance and anchoring which symbolizes security and serenity of mind but also courage, vitality and fertility.

Emotional and Spiritual

Symbol of stability and strength, this stone develops in the wearer a feeling of security.

It will help to have confidence in life, to love it and thus live the present moment without fear and to affirm oneself through action and self-expression.

Moreover, it would stimulate eloquence and charisma.

It is also a beneficial stone for people who are afraid of death or the unknown.

It will also accompany the process of conceptual revival during processes of radical change.

Acting on psychology, it will temper emotionality and purify the wearer's aura.

In the elderly, it would have virtues of longevity because it would give the strength to fight the effects of aging and the difficulties of life.

A great meditation tool, red jasper provides calm and harmonious energy.

Can also be used on a desk to better land and anchor yourself in order to increase concentration tenfold.

Bonus: in Feng Shui, jasper is recognized for its ability to attract success and abundance.


Toning stone, it stimulates the body, the intellect and purifies the aura.

It will strengthen the immune system and help prevent certain diseases.

Indeed, this stone has a positive effect on the liver, blood, circulatory system and facilitates the healing of wounds.

Being a symbol of the lunar feminine principle, red jasper also promotes the stimulation and balance of the reproductive organs. Thus, it would have the power to regulate female hormones, especially following an interrupted pregnancy or in the event of a miscarriage.

It would also release beneficial energy during the gestation period, bringing all the strength that is needed.

It would help reduce pregnancy ailments such as nausea.

Also, it would facilitate childbirth and postpartum by reducing bleeding and promoting healing.

On the sexual level, this stone would have an energizing power promoting well-being while having an aphrodisiac effect which would increase the desire and the pleasure felt.

Finally, it is used in the treatment of stomach aches, placed on the solar plexus chakra, thus promoting transit and calming pain related to the liver, spleen and stomach.


Since red jasper is linked to the root chakra, it anchors in the present and boosts self-confidence. Thus this stone can be associated with stones having identical functions such as the iron eye (which I discover with this article), bull's eye, obsidian, tourmaline, garnet, or carnelian.

When associated with the solar plexus chakra, it promotes action and decision-making. It can therefore be associated with tiger's eye, amber or even citrine.

Purification and Recharging

By dint of using it and over time, a stone ends up being emptied of its natural energy and loses its virtues. Purifying it will then allow to evacuate the bad energies accumulated, and to recharge it will allow to find its natural energy.

For cleaning: dry with a soft, clean cloth or under clear water will suffice.

As for purification, water, fumigation or even burial work. Placing red jasper in the center of a Tibetan bowl and vibrating the instrument will also purify it.

One of the simplest methods is to fill a container with salt water (or distilled or demineralized water), then place the red jasper in it for a few hours.

Finally, in terms of recharging, sunlight (one to two hours) or a cluster of quartz (for a few hours) will be the most powerful. Exposing it to moonlight overnight can also serve as a recharge.


Disclaimer : always research further. / If you are sick or have a medical condition, see a health specialist and don't just rely on the stones.


Written by and for SparkStudio in 2022.


Sources : / / / / / / "La bible des cristaux" Lisa Butterworth, 2022, Hachette Livre, Marabout.

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