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Smoky Quartz - Origin and Benefits

Let's discover together the smoky quartz, emblem of inner peace.

Hardness : 7

Chakras : root chakra, solar plexus

Let's Learn!

Quartz owes its name to the ancient Greek krustallos which means ice, in relation to the received idea affirming that quartz is an ice made by the gods.

Or even from Slavic kwardy meaning hard, for its great resistance.

It has other synonyms such as "cairngorn" or "pseudotopaz".

It was a totem for Native Americans.

Symbolizes the elevation of the soul in Tibetan Buddhism; ritual purification in China; was associated with certain animal-headed mummies in Egypt in the form of a cabochon; and represented the penis in the Middle Ages in Christianity.

In the 12th century, in China, it was used in the form of lenses for the creation of the first sunglasses (a technique still used today).

In the 18th century, before being officially classified, it was called "smoky topaz". Then scientific research attested that its composition remained distinct from that of topaz.

When it is particularly dark, it is called "morion". Experts in esotericism would call it "crystal of Osiris" in homage to the Egyptian god of resurrection.

Much appreciated by clairvoyants and fortune tellers, particularly in the 19th century, because it is much less clear than clear quartz, this stone was widely used as a divination ball.

In Scotland, smoky quartz is used to decorate kilts or to adorn jewelry and dagger handles called "sgian dhu" (traditional Highland daggers used to cut food and worn inside socks with only the handle protruding ).

There are two types of smoky quartz: very dark brown, opaque black morion, also called black quartz; and the cairngorn, often smoky yellow-brown or grey-brown.

Smoky quartz is a variety of microcrystalline quartz and takes its color from natural or induced irradiation of the aluminum salts it contains.

It is found everywhere but generally comes from deposits in Brazil, Madagascar, Scotland, Ukraine, Pakistan and Russia.

Virtues and properties

In lithotherapy, this stone is considered the stone of responsibility and refocusing.


It would help calm overly strong emotions, such as anxiety and stress, preventing efficient thinking and would improve lucidity and concentration. It therefore helps to reflect better and to say goodbye to irrational fears, anxieties and inner contradictions.

This would help to gain self-confidence and improve communication.

It would allow its bearer to refocus their energies on accessible objectives and promotes anchoring.

It brings a letting go by bringing a deep tolerance.

It also makes it possible to bring the serenity necessary to be able to confront "troubled" situations or relationships.

Thus, it connects with our inner self in order to make a rational introspection without value judgment.

Smoky quartz corresponds to the root chakra.

It symbolizes the elevation of the soul and the animality in us.


This stone would help fight against addictions by protecting the pulmonary air ducts and eliminating the tar accumulated in the lungs. Elimination which can cause coughing attacks when the vibrating cilia of the trachea and the pulmonary air passages are put back in place and start their filtration again.

It would also strengthen connective tissue and muscles as well as the kidneys, pancreas and genitals.

It would also have a natural positive effect on fertility.

It would untie persistent tensions, limit cramps and reduce muscle and back pain.

Finally, it would protect against harmful radiation and act as a shield against them, thus reducing the risk of cancer and other pathologies linked to their exposure.

How to use it?

For yourself: meditating while holding a smoky quartz allows you to anchor yourself.

FOR HOME: Relieves negativity and stress overnight. To be placed close to you before sleeping.

For office/work: will absorb electromagnetic pollution if placed next to a computer, phone, tablet, etc...

Purification and recharging it

The fumigation and the Tibetan bowl are recommended as purification methods, when the light of the sun (morning or end of the day) and of the moon or placed in a geode of quartz or amethyst are recommended as recharging methods.

Again, it's up to you to look a little more at the possible methods and decide which one speaks to you the most.


Smoky Quartz and Amethyst: both cold in color, they are stones of clairvoyance. Good for calming down and finding inner peace.

Smoky Quartz and Onyx: cold in color, these are also two stones of clairvoyance. Onyx is considered the stone of responsibility in lithotherapy. By combining them you will increase their soothing effects. Recommended in complicated times, when doubt creeps in.

Do NOT combine it with rose quartz: they have different hues and properties. Moreover, they are not linked to the same chakra.


Disclaimer :always research further. / If you are sick or have a medical condition, see a health specialist and don't just rely on the stones.


Written by and for SparkStudio in 2022.


Sources : / / / "La Bible des Cristaux", Lisa BUTTERWORTH, 2022, Hachette Livre, Marabout.

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