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Unakite - Origin and Benefits

Let's discover together the Unakite, stone of liberation.

Hardness: between 6 and 7

Chakras: Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

Let's learn more!

Discovered relatively recently, Unakite owes its name to the mountains where it was found in 1874, the Unaka Mountains in the southern United States, in North Carolina.

It is also known as the "epidote" stone, from the Greek "epidosis" which means "complement". Very slightly different stone that René Haüy discovered in 1801.

There is no evidence that this stone was known or used before.

It was therefore used in the goldsmith industry to make adornments as well as small statues, in particular of Buddha, and is now used in jewelry to make jewelry and statuettes of all kinds.

What is it?

Considered a semi-precious stone, it is part of the altered granite family and is found in metasomatic, hydrothermal and metamorphic rocks.

It is made up of orthoclase, which gives it its pink color, epidote which gives it its green color, and colorless quartz.

Its base color therefore ranges from yellow-green to dark green, and its spots vary from pink to reddish.

Its difference with the epidote is based in the quartz which is NOT found in the epidote. In addition, the latter will have no or very few pink spots.

Its main deposits are in South Africa, Alaska, Austria, Burma, Brazil, China, the United States, France, Ireland, Mexico, Mozambique, Norway, Russia, Sierra Leone, and in Zimbabwe.

Its properties

In lithotherapy, unakite helps overcome obstacles and helps strengthen the body. It is a stone that releases negative energies.

Let's go!


Past or buried blockages will gradually disappear when worn as a pendant.

In fact, it alleviates sadness, heartache and disappointment.

It will be beneficial for people who are undecided or lacking in self-confidence. Helping to overcome failures to free themselves.

It would temper people suffering from strong anger or jealousy.

This stone will also help to put things into perspective, step back and learn from a situation.

A stone of introspection and self-knowledge, it will help in meditation to chase away discomfort and regain serenity.


It regulates intestinal functions and the liver through the solar plexus, and helps with bone problems. It also helps the heart functions and the lungs to work better. It would also reduce ulcers and hypertension.

It will also reduce headaches.

When placed on the root chakra, lithotherapists work on bone problems, joint ailments and fractures.

Beneficial for calming stressed people, it will also help with better sleep.

It would heal the reproductive system, it would regenerate the skin and hair, would promote digestion, would help to remove fats and toxins, and would be an ally in case of diet or diet.

It is a stone which therefore helps to generally boost your immune system and which will help to regain strength if in convalescence or sick.

Purification and Recharging

For purification, simply immerse it in demineralised water for a few hours.

For recharging, several possibilities are available to you: expose it to the rays of the sun or the moon, or place it on a pile of quartz.

Feel free to do some additional research to see which methods you prefer and which one works best for you!


Unakite being a stone linked to the heart chakra, it can very well be associated with emerald, amazonite, ruby zoisite or malachite.

If used for the solar plexus chakra, you can combine it with tiger's eye, amber or even citrine.


Disclaimer : always research further. / If you are sick or have a medical condition, see a health specialist and don't just rely on the stones.


Written by and for SparkStudio in 2022.


Sources : / / / "La bible des cristaux" Lisa Buttersworth, 2022, Hachette Livre, Marabout.

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