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Amethyst - Origin and benefits

Let us discover together the amethyst, stone of wisdom and inner peace.

Hardness: 7

Chakras : Crown/coronal chakra, chakra of the third eye.

Let's learn!

Its name is a reference to Greek mythology, of the Greek word "Methystos", "Drunkenness", it is accompanied by the prefix "A" which indicates a deprivation. Amethyst therefore means "sober", "non-drunk".

Amethystos is the name of a nymph. Dionysos, God of wine and drunkenness, would have tried to seduce her many times but she would have always refused.

To protect her from Dionysos, Artemis would have transformed her into a clear quartz, cold and impenetrable.

Took anger, Dionysos overthrew his glass on this crystal which then took an intense purple shade.

With this myth in mind, the Greeks got into the habit of drinking their wine in amethyst cup in order to increase their resistance to alcohol and protect themselves from drunkenness.

The Etruscans and the Egyptians used this stone for decorations.

In the 18th century, it was used to make staples and pins.

The Romans also drank their wine in amethyst cuts.

To the Hebrew people, it is a symbol of abundance and luck and was a sign of good fortune if it appeared to them in dreams.

The amethyst being part of the quartz family (symbolism of encouragement to celibacy and piety among Christians), it has also had its importance in the Bible.

During the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci praised the benefits of amethyst to dispel negative thoughts.

This stone was used over the ages as ornament, decoration or even a jewelry by its beauty. It is still considered today as a precious stone, which earns it to be used in particular as a jewelry.

But what is it?

Amethyst is a so -called fine stone. It is a quartz that holds its color of the iron and elements composing it, as well as irradiation.

Its color can vary from diaphanous and translucent.

It can have different color intensities, different varieties and types of inclusions, which can then have mixtures of blue, purple and pink.

Some may be red because it contains hematite inclusions.

Beyond 250 ° C, it can lose its color and can become yellow. From 500 ° C it then becomes light yellow, in which case it can be called amethyst, but also amertine or heated citrine.

-> When it is yellowed by heat it can be called "heated citrine". Be careful that the citrines you buy are indeed real citrine or, are presented as heated citrine if this is not the case.

The main current deposits are found in Europe, Russia, India but also in Madagascar, Zambia, Brazil, and Uruguay.

Virtues and benefits

Much used in lithotherapy, it helps to refocus energies and is used during meditations.

It fights against fears, addictions, and migraines while improving the nervous state.

In addition, it often serves to clean, purify and recharge other stones and minerals when it is in the form of a geode or amethyst.

! Please note: if its color changes it is surely that the mineral is in poor health/poor condition.


Considered the stone of humility and wisdom, it will stimulate creativity, imagination and clarity.

It will therefore promote meditation, concentration and spiritual elevation in order to have access to the upper self.

It will calm anger, fear, worries, anxieties, sadness and sorrows.

It will also help to fight addictions and will help people suffering from OCS to appease their daily lives.

It will promote sleep and dreams.

It is also known to be a love stone and stir up the flame of the desired person if an amethyst has offered him (or left in Iel).

! But be careful to do nothing against the agreement of the said person - consent and respect is in all situations -!

However, it is considered a passing stone. It can therefore be used for precise moments as when losing a loved one or a difficult period.

In any case, she will calm nervousness and anxiety, and will bring calm and appeasement.


It will purify places and objects just as well as it purifies physical bodies and auras.

It would therefore help peace and relaxation.

It will also protect your place of life from burglars if buried at each entry, including under the windows (small fragments will do the trick, do not worry).


Being a relaxing stone, it relieves hypertension and muscle pain. It will thus relax the muscles contracted by stress or pressure.

It will be particularly effective against the tensions of the upper back, the neck and shoulders.

It is also a stone that strengthens bones.

It will help fall asleep by promoting calm during bedtime and will promote deep and restful sleep.

It will also help calm hyperactivity, and protect memory, heart and respiratory tract.

It is also a stone that accelerates the healing and healing process.

It will relieve headaches and fight addictions and facilitate the elimination of body toxins. This will also help reduce gastric acidity.

It would also stimulate fertility, hormone production and endocrine glands.

It will thus promote the harmonization of menstrual cycles.

In elixir: by placing one or more stones in a transparent container filled with water and letting the mixture outside the moonlight rest all night:

- It can be used against imperfections and to soften the skin (applied to the skin or as an ingredient for your masks).

- It can also be used to bathe body parts subject to circulatory disorders.

- It can be drunk every morning before breakfast for blood diseases.

! However do additional research on your side and always be careful what you eat and drink, be sure that it will not make you sick and will not be dangerous for your health!

Purificationand recharging it

You can clean and purify the amethyst with spring water, slightly salty demineralized water (for at least 3 hours), with salt, under the ground, or by fumigation.

As for recharging it, put it in the light of the moon, or on a heap of quartz is enough.

It's up to you to do more research and see what you prefer.

Avoid sunlight and high temperatures that could alter its color.

Please note: if you use spring water or demineralized water: the water should be thrown outside your home (garden including) with the intention that the negative remained with water remains outside from your place.


Being a spiritual stone, amethyst can be used with moonstone.

We can also associate it with stones with similar colors and benefits such as kunzite, which will further develop creativity and mental appeasement.


Disclaimer : Always deepen your research. / If you are sick or have a medical condition, go see a health specialist and do not only base yourself on the stones.


Written by and for SparkStudio in 2022.


Sources : / / / "La bible des cristaux" Lisa Buttersworth, 2022, Hachette Livre, Marabout.

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